Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Nikon D200 Maiden Voyage! Part 1

Being good friends with John Prudente and Jollence Lee it is almost impossible not to get involved in the world of photography. I've been dodging these topic whenever I'm around these two for years. Reaching year end of 2008 finally they got to me, poisoning my very existence.
John was kind enough to lend me his spare DSLR, a FujiFilm S2Pro with Nikon mount. I started from scratch.."ZERO".."NUTHING".. I know nothing of these world I'm entering, with the guidance of my two buddies, photography became an enjoyable activity and as the months past, the poison sinks in deeper and deeper.
Finally in April 2009 I bought my very own DSLR, a Nikon D200. Second hand but still in a very good conditions. Being a Tour Guide I have accessed to almost all of Sabah's beauty.. I was away for a week to do tours all around Sabah and this, is the pictorial story of My D200....
The story began when we headed to Kudat to the northern tip of Borneo, Simpang Mengayau....

The Beach Front

To The Tip Main Excess

Side Trails To the Tip

The Very Tip Of Borneo
After spending the entire afternoon at the tip we finally head to our accommodation for the night..a Runggus longhouse, a very basic accomodation in a very friendly enviorenment. No television, no fans, no internet just basic..a mattress, a pillow and a mosquito net, oh and a good toilet.
Its not as bad as it sound..a room is provided for two people. above is a photo of the inner longhouse. Left side are the rooms and right side...well that's the living room you can call it.
In the olden days, a room is occupied by whole family, from 8 to 14 of them, yup a big family. So if there are 10 room in a long house, it mean 10 families lives there and so on. But that's a story for another time. We had a traditional meal that night followed with a cultural performances.

Nose Flute
Group Photo after the Show
That's Me on the far left hand side, the ones NOT in traditional costumes (excluding the boy) are my guest, all females, all singles, all vegetarian, all from different country around the globe, going for the same tours at the same time. What are the odds of that happening? eh!? Trisha at the far left is from UK. KC in the middle is Canadian, and the last one is American..sorry i forgot her name..My Bad!
Sunrise from the Longhouse

Our journey then took us to Kinabalu Park, where the British and American climb Mt.Kinabalu. While waiting Myself and the Canadian, KC, went to Poring Hots Spring for The Canopy walkway

On the way down from the canopy we spotted this little guy.
Borneon Angle-headed Lizard (Gonocephalus bornensis)
also known as Crested Agamid Lizard
This particular species is endemic to Borneo.

Next we're off to a fish spa. Located somewhat 30-40km from Poring Hots Spring.
KC with the fishes.

To Be Continue...
Sunset Cruise

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